Ocio - About

Hello. We're Ocio.

And we're on a mission to make better loungewear. Ocio began because we craved loungewear that was softer, better fitting, higher performing, sustainable and size-inclusive. We couldn’t find anything that ticked all of our boxes (and admittedly, it’s a lot of boxes), so we decided to make it ourselves. In creating our collections, we’ve created the ultimate, feel-good loungewear. It’s buttery soft, great fitting and minimal impact. We call it, “comfort, uncompromised,” and it’s what happens when loungewear fits as good as it feels, and is made with integrity, accountability and transparency. Together, fabric, fit and sustainability are what makes Ocio, Ocio. Take a read to find out more.


Custom SoftCore Blend: Softer than soft, this custom fabric blend is what makes our Classic Collection so special. Made from Organic Cotton, Tencel Lyocell and a small percentage of spandex, this mid-weight french terry blend is breathable, luxe, buttery, and flexible. We’re running out of adjectives, but we think you get the point.

Organic Cotton Teddy Fleece: Soft and structured, this is a 100% Organic Cotton fabric designed to keep you warm and cozy. It has a smooth face and an ultra-soft teddy back for ultimate comfort.

To find out more about how our custom fabrics are made, please visit our sustainability page.


At Ocio, we make loungewear inspired by the real: real people, real life, real bodies. We merge practicality and functionality with comfort, designing pieces that take you from nap, to meeting, to happy hour with ease.

Our Classic SoftCore Collection is designed for a semi-fitted, refined look that flatters where you want it to. We’ve eliminated excess fabric in unwanted areas to reduce bunching, all while giving you extra room in the places you need it (think: our wonderfully forgiving waistband). Plus, this fabric is equipped with optimal stretch, meaning that even within your size offering our loungewear offers a unique fit.

Our Organic Cotton Teddy Oversized Collection is intended for a roomy, looser fit, with pieces that can be dressed up or down.

As for product details, we believe your loungewear should work as hard as you do. We’ve designed pockets that are no-bunch, no-show, and extra-deep so they can carry their own weight and more. Our waistbands are designed thoughtfully too. Made from soft and structured organic rib, organic cotton drawcord and a flexible elastic, they allow you to customize and find your perfect fit. And then there’s the stitching. This added detail elevates our loungewear so you can wear it everywhere. It also ensures that internal seams lay flat for an extra layer of comfort.


Ocio launched as a low impact company, meaning we do everything we can to reduce and offset our environmental footprint from the get-go. We believe in holding ourselves accountable for our impact and then some. That’s why we partner with third party organizations to offset what we can’t reduce.

We are rooted in both transparency and traceability. At each step in our production process, we choose to work with low impact materials like organic cotton and pursue rigorous certifications like the Bluesign® Certification for our textile dyes. As a team, we make decisions we can be proud of, and we share them with you on our sustainability page.


Our fabric is a softie (dare we say, high-maintenance?), so please launder with care.

Our custom SoftCore blend requires a bit more attention come laundry day to keep it smooth and soft.

Wash on a cold, gentle cycle with like colors. We also recommend tying your drawcord before wash so they don’t slip. After the wash cycle, lay SoftCore pieces flat to dry. Tencel has moisture wicking properties, so be patient during the dry process. For a speedier dry time, flip your pieces over midway.

Our Organic Cotton Teddy fabric should be washed on a cold gentle cycle with like colors. Dry on low heat or lay flat to dry.

Wash smarter, not harder.

After purchase, clothing care accounts for up to 30% of a garment’s total environmental footprint, and sometimes it’s even more (we see you, extra-rinse folks). We see this stat as a golden opportunity to lower the total impact of our loungewear. It's like a help-me-help-you-help-the-earth moment. Following the washing instructions above has benefits beyond just extending the lifecycle of your loungewear. Cold water washes allow for the same clean without the high energy consumption, and skipping the dryer does the same.

If you happen to be an overachiever in the laundry department, here are some tips that might peak your interest:

Use an eco-friendly, toxin-free laundry detergent: Standard laundry detergents can contain all sorts of yucky ingredients that are not so great for our skin or our ecosystems. May we suggest a bio-based, non-toxic alternative instead? We like this one and this one. They are better for you, your clothes, and the environment. It’s a win-win-win.

Wash your Ocio in a microfibre collecting wash bag: These bags will collect tiny microfibers that shed off your clothes in the wash, preventing their dreaded escape down your pipes and into our waterways. Microfibre bags also protect your clothing from additional abrasion, keeping them in tip-top shape.

Wash your pieces less: Finally, a decent excuse for when you just don’t feel like doing laundry. The less you wash, the longer your pieces will stay looking brand new. You can extend the time between washes with these two tricks. One is opting for a spot treatment. Good for when you get too excited about the food delivery and forget your table manners, for example. A spot cleaner should tackle the pizza sauce no problem. The other is putting your pieces in the freezer. Yup, we said freezer. Place them in a zip lock bag overnight and be amazed as cold temps kill bacteria and eliminate odors, all with zero additional water or energy consumption.